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my name is kassi and i am twenty, living in the wonderful city of melbourne, australia. i love reading books and writing stories more than anything else in the world. if you were to find me anywhere, i'd be lying in the grass daydreaming about what could be, and what will. i enjoy pixar films, american sitcoms, and thora birch. write me a poem if you want to win my heart. i like to spend my days listening to folky tunes in exciting places. my love for that wizard named harry potter will never die.

“Books are like mirrors: if a fool looks in, you cannot expect a genius to look out.”
— J.K. Rowling

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  1. Lydia’s Subconscious Guilt.

    As this Lydia arc plays out, and Lizzie’s at Pemberley, I’ve been thinking. Lizzie is constantly on Lydia’s mind, whatever she’s doing. Whether she’s kissing Wickham, hanging out in Vegas, or even dreaming, she’s there. While Lydia hides behind this guise of being mad at Lizzie, what she really wants is her sister’s acceptance of who she is: a person. And what’s Lizzie up to? Her own life, as usual. She’s untangling her true feelings for Darcy, dealing with Gigi’s meddling, and trying to reunite Bing and Jane. Apart from that one moment where she tells Lydia to stay safe, she’s not thinking about her younger sister, she’s thinking about herself. If she is thinking about Lydia, she’s certainly not showing it. Will Lizzie’s pride ever let her accept Lydia? I’ve been reading comments about Lyckham, and how this is the start of an abusive relationship, and nope, not even going to go there.

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